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[DRAMA] Sweet Home, Sweet Honey [ENG SUB]

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Poster
Name: Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Original name: 우리집 꿀단지
Director: Kim Myung-Wook
Cast: Song Ji-Eun, Lee Jae-Joon, Seo Yi-An
Release year: 2015
Episodes: 120
Country: Korean
Subtitles: English
Genre: RomanceWeb-Drama

Hasło: asian
Even though Oh Bom (Song Ji-Eun) is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Kang Ma-Roo (Lee Jae-Joon) is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world.
An Tae-Ho (Kim Min-Soo) is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. He approaches Choi A-Ran (Seo Yi-An) for his own gain and marries her.
Choi A-Ran is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.

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