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[KOMPILACJA] Dramy z napisami ENG

Kompilacja zawiera linki do wszystkich postów z dramami, jakie umieściłam na tym blogu, żebyście nie musieli szukać :) Enjoy xD
(BTS V, SHINee's Minho & more)

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[MOVIE] Seoul Station (ENG SUB)

Prequel of the movie "Train To Busan"[Watch with Eng Sub HERE]

Cast (voice-actors): 
Ryu Seung-ryong as Suk-gyu 
Shim Eun-kyung as Hye-Sun (Suk-gyu's daughter) 
Lee Joon as Ki-woong (Hye-Sun's boyfriend) 

Suk-gyu is desperately looking for his runaway daughter. He spares neither money nor effort and after a while his search leads to results. One of his contacts claims to have found the girl. But joy is replaced by shock when he finds out that she works as a prostitute in the center of Seoul. Suk-gyu decides to pose as a client to get close to his daughter. But just before the long awaited and dreaded reunion, panic breaks out at nearby Seoul Station. The place is very popular with the homeless of the Korean capital. And one of them, who had died during the day, comes alive again and start attacking and eating another misfortunate. The undead cannibal epidemic spreads like wildfire. The authorities hermetically close off the city center and decide to wait out the end of the outbreak, until there’s no one left…
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czwartek, 23 lutego 2017

[MV+MP3] 알리(ALi) & 예성(Yesung of Super Junior) - 너만 없다 (You Are Not Here)

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Credit: kt music
kt music

[AUDIO+MP3] 비투비(BTOB) - 언젠가(Someday) [Pre-release Single]

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[MV+MP3] 윤종신 (Yoon Jong Shin), 지코 (ZICO) - Wi-Fi

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[MV] 그레이스(Grace) - Zombie High

wtorek, 21 lutego 2017

[CD] Various Artists – Hwarang OST

01. 죽어도 너야 (Even If I Die, It's You) – 뷔(V) & 진(Jin) [BTS]
02. 드림 (Dream) – 볼빨간사춘기(Bolbbalgan4)
03. 서로의 눈물이 되어 (Our Tears) – 효린(Hyorin of Sistar)
04. 신의 한 수 (The Divine Move) – 양요섭(Yang Yoseob of Beast)
05. 그 곳이 어디든 (Wherever You Are) – 한동근(Han Dong Geun)
06. 너만 보여 (I Only See You) – 웬디(Wendy) & 슬기(Seulgi) [Red Velvet]
07. 주문을 외우다 (Memorizing Order) – 전우성(노을)[Jeon Woo Seong (NOEL)]
08. 날 혼자 두지 마 (Don't Leave Me Alone) – 정동하(Jung Dong Ha)
09. 신의 한 수 (The Divine Move) (Acoustic ver.) – 김주나 (Kim Ju Na)
10. 여기 있을게 (I'll Be Here) – 박형식(Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A)
11. 서로의 눈물이 되어 (Our Tears) (선우[Seon Woo] Ver.) – 박서준(Park Seo Joon)
12. Hwarang The Beginning – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
13. Hwarang Spirit (Opening Title) – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
14. Cloud Of Love (Main Theme) – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
15. Night Story Princess – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
16. Open The Gate – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
17. Victory March – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
18. Blossom – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
19. Chorus Of Hwarang – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
20. Nan Jang Pan – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
21. Funny Ground – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
22. Bright Waltz – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
23. Flower & Bee – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
24. Dog & Bird – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
25. Cat Walking – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
26. Sweet Rhythm – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
27. Cotton Candy – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
28. Run Together – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
29. Sad Cliff – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
30. Fly Butterfly – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
31. Kongdak Kongdak – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
32. With Mate – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
33. Happy Hour – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
34. More And More – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
35. Love & Friendship – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
36. Moonlight Of Silla – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
37. Empty Palace – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
38. Shadow Chaser – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
39. Sea Of Crying – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
40. Dangerous Sign – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)
41. Oktagak – 오준성(Oh Joon Sung)

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[CD] ASTRO – Winter Dream (Special Album)

01. 붙잡았어야 해 (Should Have Held Onto You) *Title
02. Cotton Candy
03. You & Me (Thanks AROHA)
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[CD] 100% – Sketchbook (4th Mini Album)

01. 어디 있니 (Sketch U) *Title
02. 어느 날 (One Day)
03. 해몽 (Interpretation)
04. Gorgeous
05. 어제의 나를 만나다 (Meet Me Yesterday)
06. 어디 있니 (Sketch U) (Inst.)
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[MV] 백퍼센트(100%) - 어디 있니(Sketch U)

Credit: 100PERCENT