piątek, 26 czerwca 2015

[DRAMA] Orange Marmalade [ENG SUB]

Name: Orange Marmalade
Original name: 오렌지 마말레이드
Director: Lee Hyeong-Min
Cast: Yeo Jin-Goo, Seol Hyun, Lee Jong-Hyun, Gil Eun-Hye
Release year: 2015
Runtime: Fridays 22:35
Country: Korean
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romance

200 years ago, humans and vampires finalized a peace treaty, but they still do not get along well with each other.

In the present day, Jae-Min (Yeo Jin-Goo) is a popular high school student. He falls in love with transfer student Baek Ma-Ri. Baek Ma-Ri though hides her true identity as a vampire. 

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